lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

De compras nº1- Shopping.

Hola Otakus y gente!! Bueno aquí voy con mi 2n entrada de la nueva etapa del blog. Hoy voy a hablar de compras que hice el otro día
El primero es un cuaderno de hojas blancas para bocetos y pequeñas ilustraciones. Y el segundo es un tipo de papel más especial, para hacer comics o mangas. Lo primero que tengo que decir de este último es que son hojas muuuuy blancas. Gruesas y me encantan!!! 
Son perfectas para usarlas con rotuladores, watercolor etc..

Hi! Otakus and everyone, what's up? I'm very happy. Last day I went to Valencia- Nuevo Centro. There I bought 2 blocs, one for sketch or small ilustrations, because in my old small block I can't do more drawings. And the second is for big ilustrations, well... big ?¿ Size- A4 ^^. The best thing I love of this block is the paper, is soo white- confortable.
And with this block you can use a lot of materials like markers (promarkers or copic) and watercolor, because it have a good thickness. With this block I did 3 pictures, one of them is very important for me. Why? hehehe You should wait for next month to know the secret : ) 
And other day I went to a another shop in Valencia near Nuevo Centro. I discovered this place with my internet. When I was there it was like a child go in a caramel shop ^^. And I bought a lot of promarkers- is like copic but more cheaper. But I'm saving money for in the future I could buy copic markers.
And I've a lot of books of artists that I bought with a cheap price. :) I've good eye of deals hahahahhaa.

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